Your hosts, Hywel and Jamie.  This picture was taken while Hywel was thinking about the events of certain weddings in Game of Thrones, and Jamie was considering the significance of The Wire on modern television culture.  Either that, or they were in France, Hywel on the piano, Jamie on his tenth cocktail.

For years, Hywel and Jamie got up at unsociable hours to talk rubbish to each other in between playing pop music while people listened and other people paid good money to have those same people listen to adverts. Now they just talk to each other about telly. The Box Set Pod is your chance to listen in.

Twitter: @TheBoxSetPod

The Semi-regulars

Most weeks, Hywel and Jamie are joined by a panel of guinea-pigs, evangelists, semi-professional ranters and sometimes people with genuine talent. The following supporting cast members can fulfil any and all of the above roles on any given week:

Tiernan Douieb

Tiernan is a stand-up comedian and has a beard. Amongst other things he has satirical podcast about politics, he’s gigged with a robot, and once Gillian Anderson shaved his back for charity. He has learned through the Box Set Podcast that he doesn't watch anywhere near enough television. One day, when there is really nothing else to for him to do, Tiernan promises he will watch The West Wing. Eventually.
Twitter: @TiernanDouieb

Find the Partly Political Broadcast (Tiernan’s podcast) on iTunes, or follow it @parpolbro, or https://

Pictured left to right: Tiernan, a razor, Gillian Anderson. To be discussed in a Box Set Pod soon.

Pictured left to right: Tiernan, a razor, Gillian Anderson. To be discussed in a Box Set Pod soon.


Mel is the token American on BSP. A resident of the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas, her mission is to disabuse the general public of their notions of Kansans. She initially appeared on BSP to defend the former NBC series Chuck against Jamie's heinous accusations of gratuitous scantily clad females. Mel runs various pop culture-related websites, is a professional writer, weaves Harry Potter references into every day conversation, and was once threatened with a lawsuit by Sir Ridley Scott. When Mat is also a guest on BSP, she is known as “Martha.”

Twitter: @Melifornia

Christian Talbot

Christian Talbot is a stand-up comedian from Dublin. In 2012 he was one of the finalists in Amnesty International's Secret Policeman's Ball "World's Shortest Gig" and came runner-up in the Galway Comedy Festival "Comedy Slam". Despite all of that, his third Edinburgh Festival show was called "Christian Talbot is Shite at Being Irish". You can find more about him at 

Twitter: @TheTall_Bot

Mat Wandless

Mat is an actor and one of the core members of award-winning theatre ensemble Simple8. He also presents The Longest Pleasure football podcast which hasn't won any awards but would if more people knew it existed. He also lives in London, is a member of at least one wine club and may or may not be in posession of a dungeon.

Adam Comstive

Adam got so fed up of having to listen to Hywel be wrong about almost everything on the Box Set Pod, and Hywel got so fed up of having to respond to his emails, that he ended up joining the rota of occasional contributors. Adam has been a professional giant dancing bear, is currently in arts marketing, and his dream job is to play bass over House of Cards each episode. When he remembers, he updates this website.

Twitter: @AdamComstive

Work Experience Boy Jack

Jack is currently a very poor student in Leeds studying Media and Culture. With his long hair and beard he likes to think of himself as the John Snow of Yorkshire (JACK WROTE THIS HIMSELF; OVERLOOKING THE FACT THAT JOHN SNOW'S ACCENT SUGGESTS HE PROBABLY IS FROM YORKSHIRE). On the podcast he is the young whipper snapper of the group (JACK WAS BORN IN 1996; THIS IS DISGUSTING), and often takes (WELL-DESERVED) verbal beat downs. Usually for saying that a much loved show is terrible in his opinion, e.g. Kimmy Schmidt. One day Jack hopes to get a part in one of the biggest BBC television shows of the 21st century - Peaky F'ing Blinders.

Twitter: @JackDBoardman

Marsha Shandur

Marsha used to be a music supervisor, who chose the soundtracks for all three series of The Inbetweeners, for Friday Night Dinner, and the first two seasons of Made In Chelsea (which: say what you like, the music's wicked). She was also a DJ on Xfm radio for eight years, before moving to Canada. She now teaches people how to tell their own stories and runs Toronto's biggest storytelling show. Her book "Off The Mic: Stand Up Comedians Get Serious About Comedy" is out now on Bloomsbury Publishing.

She is the Box Set Pod's resident activist.

Her three "Desert Island Boxsets" are Friends (which she's a little embarrassed about); Game of Thrones (even though the misogyny massively bums her out) and Community (which she totally stands by). She is very smug about having told everyone on The Box Set Pod about 'Man Seeking Woman', and the rapturous reception it got. After watching five episodes, she is still not convinced she'll ever love 'The West Wing", but she's open to trying one last time.

Find her comedy/storytelling podcast, Marsha Meets.... here:

The old guard...

(occasional guests, series 1-3)

Fyfe Dangerfield.  International man of mystery.  Talented, dashing, many-hair-styled, Guillemot and artist of many forms, he's a Guinea Pig on the Box Set, and always does it down the phone from the corn-field in his mind.

Luke was once on Big Brother, now he is jaded, angry, cynical, and at least the fourth most valued member of the Box Set Pod.