Here we will throw all the notes and bits and bobs of non-news stuff we discuss on the show.


<SPOILER ALERT> In a shocking turn of events, Tiernan revealed that (according to this short video of first and last frames of many great series) Lost may not have actually been a massive steaming pile of made-up nonsense. Here's the video, which is pretty spoiler heavy in a very micro way:




A couple of pods back, Hywel flat-out refused to engage with brilliant Scandinavian drama The Bridge on the grounds that all whodunits are essentially pointless, because from the start there is only one possible outcome for the series: namely, the criminal is caught and the crime is solved. Boring, right? The rest of us made the argument that in series like The Bridge that character development and the journey those characters go on is more important than plot can make your own mind up. However Hywel went as far as citing Alfred Hitchcock to prove his point (well, it was Hitchcock's point to begin with). Here's the fairly weighty academic argument to back it up: 


This week we've been talking Making A Murderer. Here are a couple of spoiler-heavy articles mentioned in a pretty spoiler-heavy show. Read them after you've watched them all and rage at the terrible injustice of 'justice':

Here's the Bustle article Hywel thought he was talking about:

And here's the one he actually was talking about (we think):

When Kiefer Sutherland isn't jumping at Christmas trees, he enjoys putting chokeholds on people. 

Hywel watched all of 24 in the space of about 2 months and imagined doing this to almost everyone he met who annoyed him even slightly. Luckily for Jamie, various radio station employees and most of his family, Hywel is no Jack Bauer.

What do you mean you haven't seen Kiefer Sutherland jump at a Christmas Tree?

Now you have. 

You're welcome.


Yes, we had en email about Iconic Living Rooms, it sounded exciting, so here's the link (mentioned on Season 3 Episode 3)

Terry Gusto's Back Yard. 

Back in episode 13, Dexter's Location Director Terry Gusto told us about how much he liked the view in his back yard. So much so in fact that he wanted us to see photos. Here they are for you, dear listener. Terry was a dude. We're off to find out how to get into the Location Director racket.  

Our Box Set Bible Rules, designed to keep order within the Box Set World and guide new disciples.  To be updated as the pods go on.

West wing super-Smart-Super-Fan

Mentioned in Episode two... The link to the West Wing super fan / academic, this has inspired us to do special box sets in the style of 'directors commentary' let us know which we should do.

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