2004-2006, 3 Seasons
Mentioned in Season 2, Episode 4

Period drama set in the late 1800's in the corrupt town of Deadwood.  Perhaps best known in the UK for seeing Ian McShane suddenly show up, 20 years after Lovejoy (Google it, young people),  in a big budget US Western TV series and start swearing his tits off, it boasts great ensemble performances, fantastic period detail, and creates an utterly believable, compelling world from the off.

Jamie loves it and is gutted it got cancelled after 3 great seasons. Hywel keeps meaning to watch it having been on the receiving end of numerous recommendations. Feel free to email studio@theboxsetpod.com if you agree.

UPDATE: Deadwood went up against the Box Set Pod jury in March 2016: listen to what they made of it here: http://www.theboxsetpod.com/listen/2016/3/8/3j9gmd7ha4hlxyp3zmcuhofl6g5qpq