2006-2013, 8 Seasons
Mentioned in Season 1 Episode 7/9/13; Season 2 Episode 4

Miami police forensics expert Dexter is also a part-time serial killer of criminals.  Bloody, sometimes silly, but usually suspenseful and ultimately watchable, both Hywel (who even tracked down Dexter's flat when in Miami) and Jamie are fans, although Jamie thinks it went downhill after season 4.

Anyway, here's the opening titles, which give away that Dexter is a psychopath by the fact that he shaves, then fries and eats bacon, then separately fries and eats an egg, then makes coffee, then squeezes a blood orange, then flosses, then puts on his shoes, followed by his t-shirt, THEN looks pissed off because he's spent so long farting about with his breakfast that his beard has grown back. It's a wonder he has time to kill all those people AND hold down the day job.