2011-present, 5 Seasons
Mentioned a hell of lot. One of the first shows that we dedicated  a special to.

<*The Internet Department of The Box Set Pod would like to interrupt here to present, in its entirety, everything that Jamie could bring himself to write about Game Of Thrones.*>:

Fantasy drama following the battle for a power in the fictional land of Westoros.  All agree it's gripping stuff with some of the best/most horrible twists in TV history.  Plenty of dragons and boob.

<Seriously, that's all he wrote about GAME OF THRONES. He's either the laziest man on Earth or one of the most succinct, clear communicators of his generation. Still, the internet is currently made of 38% GoT content, so, without wanting to send you elsewhere, there's plenty more you can find out about it. It is ace though. Seriously. Even if you're not into Dragons. Or Boob.>