2012-2014, 3 Seasons
Mentioned in Season 1, Episode 3/8; Season 2, Episode 1

Drama focused on the fast-paced machinations of a TV newsroom, from The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin.  Packed full of characters who are too impossibly erudite, informed and passionate to really reflect anything close to true life, neither Hywel or Jamie got past season 1 "because it's a bit naff/cheesey."

The series took a lot of criticism for being a thinly-veiled vehicle for Sorkin to air personal grievances with the media, but it's full of good performances and the smart (or smartarse) dialogue keeps things zipping along. If you can bring yourself to care about the performance of a fictional cable news channel then you might like it. One to follow the 4 episode rule with before deciding which side of the love / hate divide you fall on.