2009-present, 7 Seasons
Mentioned in Season 3, Episode 1

A state's attorney's wife tries to rebuild her life, and her career as a lawyer, after her husband's sex scandal.  Full of great performances from the off, including regular scene-stealing cameos from Michael J. Fox, the episodic courtroom battles are entertaining enough, and nicely-thought out comic moments help lift the endless cycle of courtrooms and meetings. Good-looking people do similar brilliant things every week and it all feels a bit like ER, not just because of Nurse Hathawa...sorry, Julianna Margulies.

But somewhere around season 4 it kicks into real bingeworthy box set territory. A couple of major events (no spoilers here) make you suddenly consider how you feel about these familiar characters and what happens if you have to choose between them; the layers of the relationships between the leading characters just keep folding and the tension keeps building.

In BSP-land Jamie's heavily addicted while Hywel's not given it a dabble yet (but will).